About Techforline

About Techforline

Techforline (Techforline LLC) is a Russian team of professionals that specializes at web development and infrastructure solutions. Our office is located in Russia, Moscow region, Khimki.

We offer a full cycle of works on your project creation or we can take a required part of your existing tasks. Our specialists have the necessary knowledge and skills confirmed by vendor’s certificates. In addition, we are always ready to provide code samples and organize a small technical interview with specialists involved in your project.

Our general technologies stack:

Web development: Python, Django, Angular, JavaScript, Flask, Linux, Git, Docker.
Server software: VMware, Hyper-V, Active Directory, Exchange, Windows Server.
Mobile development: Swift.

We apply such methodologies as Kanban, Scrum and DevOps.
The customer 24/7 controls the development of the project in our bug tracking system.
We work with customers from Russia and other countries (languages: English, Russian).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • question_answer Do you work without technical requirements?
    Yes, but we do it quite rarely. Having heard your demands, we, anyway, try to formalize and fix the reached agreement as it meets the interests of both parties and makes the development process fast, understandable and qualitative. In this case, it is necessary to understand that the development of a technical specification is a process that requires a certain amount of effort. We are always ready to provide you a service to create a high-quality technical specification according to the standards understandable to any professional. We are also ready to execute the project in accordance with your technical requirements or offer assistance in its finalization. Work without a technical requirements is possible, but in this case, the parties will have to be patient and ready for frequent changes during the project. It can result in irrational spending of the budget. At the same time, we understand the fact that the customer's decision is usually dictated by circumstances. In this case, we only give you a recommendation based on our experience in Web services developing and implementing infrastructure solutions.
  • question_answer Do you provide guarantees of non-disclosure of my idea?
    Yes. At the request of the customer, we sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that defines the procedure for the transfer of information and responsibility for its disclosure. It is possible at any stage of the negotiations. Thus, our clients’ interests can be protected before signing the main contract.
  • question_answer What about the quality guarantees?
    We offer a long term of quality assurance for our work Depending on the type of project, the duration of warranty period varies from month to a year. In each case, mistakes can happen but if the process is organized well from the very beginning, these mistakes are insignificant and have no serious consequences. Therefore, you do not have to worry, even after accepting the result of the work, as we will always help you to solve the problem.
  • question_answer How do you determine the time and cost of my project implementation?
    Firstly, we choose specialists who will be involved in the development. Then we determine the number of working hours for each employee in a project and determine the order of parallel work. After that we multiply the received working hours by their hourly price.
  • question_answer What does project evaluation process include and how quickly can I receive an accurate answer?
    Usually the process consists of several stages but much depends on the customer. If we collaborate with experienced customer, our response regarding the cost and duration of the project will be as quick and accurate as possible. In other cases, after seeing the description, we give our client approximate version of the cost and terms so he could roughly orient himself. Usually, we have one or more meetings that help to identify clients’ needs and wishes regarding the project and only after that we provide client a final estimate with accurate terms and price calculation.
  • question_answer Do I need to fill out briefs and other documents?
    Usually not. Our specialists receive the needed information interviewing clients. As for the technical specification the situation is the following: you can order it from us or from any other company. It is possible to work without a technical assignment, but it is highly discouraged. In this situation, interests of all parties involved are not protected and quite often the absence of this document increases projects development timeline.
  • question_answer I expected a lower cost. Can you divide the project into parts?
    We recommend doing it even if the terms and price satisfy you completely. Within the project, a minimally viable product (MVP) must be defined. We should define key projects features without which the project does not make sense or cannot work at all. At the next stages of development, additional features that make the project more attractive, efficient and more convenient will be realized. This approach allows to save many resources as any business project undergoes changes and often this happens even at the development stage. A competent approach to development management allows you not to waste time and money on re-creating components anew.
  • question_answer I would like to order a product development, but I do not know how to work with him afterwards. Will you help me?
    Yes, the whole list of our skills can be divided into several categories, in which we are fully oriented. We will connect all the necessary services and will install the equipment. We will be able to consult you on all additional questions and on issues related to the growth of your project in future. In addition, we can write instructions for administrators, programmers and users of the customer, if necessary.
  • question_answer If I order product development, can I order its further support?
    Yes, of course you can.
  • question_answer Can you take on the function of the IT department of my company?
    It depends business sphere of your company. However, of course, within the framework of our competences listed in the section "Services", we can and continue to apply this approach successfully.
Frequently Asked Questions

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