The Data Processing Agreement

(amended 2.0 on 25 August 2017)


The information is published to enforce the Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 152-FZ of July 27, 2006 "On Personal Data" hereinafter referred to as "FZ-152"


The terms and definitions of the present document meet the terms of the Users Agreement.

Accepting the terms of present agreement, the User accepts the terms of the Users Agreement with all the terms and conditions specified therein.


By providing his data, the User agrees to its processing by the Company. The list and conditions of data processing are mentioned in the Users Agreement.

The Users agreement for data processing expressed in this document provided by the User and/or listed in the User Agreement is recognized by the Parties in simple written form.


Also, the data processing acceptance can be expressed by the performing by the User the appropriate action defined by the Company (for example, but not limited to: by pressing a button that sends data to the Site or by checking the checkbox where it is required to express his agreement with the conditions mentioned).


The User accepts his responsibility for the accuracy of the data provided.

The User agrees that if the information transmitted by the User belongs to a third party or the User does not have the right to transfer it to the Company, the User bears the responsibility.


It is not prohibited to use fictitious names and aliases, general and corporate e-mail addresses.


The User confirms that he has read the terms of the present agreement and the terms of the Users Agreement in a whole, the meaning of these documents is clear to him completely, the User agrees with them and accepts them.