Implemented projects

Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management System (LMS) more_vert

A unique interactive online learning system for elementary school

Learning Management System (LMS) close

The customer wanted to web system which will help teach children in elementary school.
We've created web system with complex logic, which help teacher for prepare to lessons and check pupils exercises.


The main challenges, when Techforline specialist was developing this system was next things:

1. System should use methods of machine learning for create and form stages of …

Application Delivery Service

Application Delivery Service more_vert

Leading provider of IT-outsourcing services, one of the leading providers of cloud services in Russia

Application Delivery Service close

During the project, experts Techforline improved technology of access to Customer Information Systems. Implemented reliability and performance access to applications used in industrial and administrative activity. The main purpose of the project was a creation of a flexible and scalable system of access to corporate applications.


Among the problems solved with the introduction of the system include:

- Simplification …

REST API for Mobile App

REST API for Mobile App more_vert

Event Agency

REST API for Mobile App close

The mobile app provides a service to users for planning their activities and meetings.


The main features of the app:

- The user can create a meeting and specify the subject, the date, time and address of the meeting;
- The address can be specified by filling form fields or by mark on the map;
- The user can …

Web app (widget)

Web app (widget) more_vert

Investments in IT-business, and sale of assets

Web app (widget) close

The client needed to develop a web application in JavaScript, that appears as a widget with product recommendations based on the customer parameters. The widget was embedded on the pages of the online store as an external module.

The widget script should be located on the client’s server and embedded on the page of any site with minimal changes in …

Dance Lessons Web Application

Dance Lessons Web Application more_vert

Dance schools aggregator

Dance Lessons Web Application close

The customer needed to create a web application for searching and selling dance school classes or private dance classes from choreographers.
In this application, representatives of dance schools or choreographers should have the opportunity to create their own profiles, post information about various dance lessons and indicate their schedule, and customers could choose and sign up for any of the …

Development of Monitoring Service

Development of Monitoring Service more_vert

Multiservice partner of the goverment in the field of information technology

Development of Monitoring Service close

Our specialists made the integration of the existing monitoring system of IT services with the customer's VMware vSphere virtual infrastructure.

During the project, a technological web service was developed using the REST API, which polls the virtualization platform and generates data suitable for processing by the Customer's monitoring system.

Develop of Training Materials

Develop of Training Materials more_vert

Leading provider of high-tech software development services

Develop of Training Materials close

During the project, our specialists developed materials for customers specialists of IT assessment.

Also have been developed course programs and qualification tests.

Remote Access System

Remote Access System more_vert

One of the international leaders in the production of premium quality food products

Remote Access System close

In the progress of the work was implemented system of remote access to corporate resources system on the platform of Microsoft Windows Server 2012, which provides a single secure, unified environment for effective interaction and collaboration of employees.


Among the tasks solved during the work included:

- Providing remote access to non-domain users PC;
- Improving infrastructure safety;
- Increasing …

Storage Infrastructure

Storage Infrastructure more_vert

IT consulting and audit in the field of information security

Storage Infrastructure close

This project is implemented on the basis of storage architecture disk array HP 3PAR and Brocade switches.

This architecture implies the use of fault-tolerant data storage network that ensures the functioning of the system in case of failure of one of the nodes, or during repair and maintenance work. 

As a result of the project was created the best possible …