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Dance schools aggregator Dance Lessons Web Application

The customer needed to create a web application for searching and selling dance school classes or private dance classes from choreographers.
In this application, representatives of dance schools or choreographers should have the opportunity to create their own profiles, post information about various dance lessons and indicate their schedule, and customers could choose and sign up for any of the lessons they are interested in directly from their profile. A multilevel convenient filtering of schools, teachers, class schedules, genres, addresses, etc. was supposed.

The complexity of the implementation of this project was, first of all, in frequent changes in requirements. It was caused by the customers need to constantly adjust his business model in accordance with the characteristics of the various participants in the dance market.
An additional feature of the project was the design requirements. The design of the entire application had to be developed based on the customer's logo and it's color scheme was very specific and contrasting.

As a result, a web application was created and with it's help any client could find a class of interest and immediately sign up for it after having paid with a bank card or e-money.

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