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The client needed to develop a web application in JavaScript, that appears as a widget with product recommendations based on the customer parameters. The widget was embedded on the pages of the online store as an external module.

The widget script should be located on the client’s server and embedded on the page of any site with minimal changes in the store page code. Also it was necessarily required that the widget was ignored by the pop-up blockers.

One of the challenges was that the widget itself had to unfold its elements. The solution was to put the HTML markup of the widget to a variable that appears when the page loads and attaches all the widget’s elements to a specific place on the page. In this way to embed the widget, you only need to append the script to the page and add HTML element with a specific id to the right place of the page. Then the script will expand the remaining elements to this place.

We managed to create a widget for embedding on various sites. The design was made according to the layouts, also it was made responsive. The behavior of the widget was made according to the scenarios and the API given by the client. The client was fully satisfied with the result.

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