Development of Technological Services and REST API

Development of Technological Services and REST API

The development of technology services and the REST API is required if you need to combine various applications and data exchange systems. Typically, the task is to get data from one system and convert it into another format, and then send it to other systems.

At the same time, the main priorities are speed, data protection loss, the comprehensible architecture of the final solution.

Developing technological services, Techforline follows the basic rules: clear modeling logic, usage of standard protocols and formats, further ease of scaling.



The technologies stack we work within this service:

- Python;

- Django;

- Angular;

- JavaScript;

- Flask;

- Linux;

- Git;

- Docker.


We apply such methodologies as Scrum, Agile and DevOps.

We work using Redmine bugtracking system (our client and his team have an access in order to control and work on the project).

We work with Git and Bitbucket.

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