Our future employees!

The qualitative implementation of large IT projects is impossible without a team of qualified specialists. The software development methodologies used by Techforline (Agile, Scrum, DevOps, etc.) require employees not only to have a high level of professionalism, but also a considerable level of flexibility and customer orientation.


We are happy to review candidates CVs who are able to share the following ideas with us:


• The process of work of professionals generates internal rules of the company, and not the rules drive professionals into the framework.
• The time taken to create a product is much more expensive than the time spent creating an ideal technical task.
• We are aware that during the project changes in the product's requirements from the client's side are possible. It is a normal practice and our task is to help the client to make the right choice and realize his wishes.


Contact us on internship or permanent employment questions after seeing the applied list of technologies at About Techforline webpage.
If you work in these directions or want to learn something new, send your CV to our mail. 
Even if there are no published vacancies now, we are always ready to communicate with capable people.

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